Beware of burnout whilst teaching yourself how to code

Burnout is real. Even for those at the earliest stages of their coding journey.

Why I broke down

There are physical reasons why I broke down and a number of emotional ones too.

I started crying. At first silently and I hoped that no one could see. Unfortunately I was right at the front of the room, so I was pretty much in full view of everyone. The tears just kept rolling down my cheeks. I could not stop them. And then I just started full on crying. I had tissues surrounding me. I was just broken.

My sheer physical and mental exhaustion coupled with my nightmare scenario of being unable to complete a problem, surrounded by people who can, led to me crying uncontrollably.

What can we learn?

Teaching yourself how to code is not easy, but it’s the path I have chosen and likely also you too if you are reading this.

Practical tips

The lovely Jo Franchetti advised me to schedule rest time or have a slow day after attending a workshop or event. I think this is really important and I’m going to implement this immediately.



Junior developer

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