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  • Kesk -*-

    Kesk -*-

    Software engineer - software Enthusiast - Sci-Fi writer.

  • Ayoola Gbade-Bello

    Ayoola Gbade-Bello

    Find me on the edge of tomorrow, at the intersection of Data, Design and Technology, available to connect with you.

  • Shreya Dalela

    Shreya Dalela

    Copywriter & Digital Strategist. Helps companies and individuals create a powerful brand voice and effective content marketing strategies. www.shreyadalela.com

  • Florina Muntenescu

    Florina Muntenescu

    Android Developer Advocate @Google

  • Gargi Sharma

    Gargi Sharma


  • Dan Heller

    Dan Heller

    Distributed systems enthusiast, outage debugger, former kernel hacker, engineer turned manager turned engineer.

  • Chika Nwobi

    Chika Nwobi

    Founder/CEO of Decagon β€” the software engineering talent company

  • Nupur Baghel

    Nupur Baghel

    Machine Learning Enthusiast | Open Source programmer | Upcoming Data Scientist πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

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