Getting a junior developer job after 3 months self teaching

My previous care free life — boy, was I about to get a shock and a half!
Remote work can be tough, but it has some great advantages for disorganised Mums like me!
GitHub literally changed my life!
Code First Girls offer free web development courses for women
View Source by Mozilla was my first ever dev conference.
(From the left) Myself, @thomasankcorn and my coding bestie Julia Jones at CodeBar
  1. Make sure it’s the right profession for you by making little projects for yourself and building them. Alternatively, you could find a tutorial on how to build something (like a facebook clone) and follow that.
  2. Find mentors who can help when you get stuck and for inspiration. You can attend meetups, conferences or just message people on LinkedIn and ask for 10 minutes of their time.
  3. If you can find a free course, like Code First Girls, or a meetup like Rails Girls or ngGirls, that’s a great way to meet professional developers and get started with coding.
  4. Making daily commits on GitHub is a really good way of getting into the habit of coding daily and it also shows potential employers that you are serious about your craft. You can contribute to existing repos that you feel passionate about or create your own.
  5. Try to create your own self-help network. I made a small what’s app group of other women in my local area who are self teaching. We support each other to do our best and this has really helped.
  6. Believe in yourself. Whilst my journey does seem to be quite unique, there are 100x more stories out there of people who spent just 1 year learning how to code and then got junior dev roles after creating their portfolio and preparing hard for the technical interviews. It definitely is possible. I’m sure you can do it.




Junior developer

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Amina Adewusi

Amina Adewusi

Junior developer

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