How can I user test my website?

Let’s have a look at the user testing platforms in the market.

User testing is a way to evaluate the experience a user has with a product

What do user testing platforms offer?

There are a whole range of tools in the market that offer everything from recruiting users, providing testing tools or tools to manage test output.

Recruit users

User Testing offers a pool of testers

User Feel

User Feel offer more than 35,000 testers speaking 40 languages. You can filter testers by various demographic criteria and use screener questions to filter the testing panel. Alternatively, you can use your own panel of testers.


Pingpong are our favourite for user tester recruitment

Conduct tests


I immediately fell in love with Lookback, which does not offer user recruitment but offers everything else.

We fell in love with Lookback
Lookback has some pretty impressive customers


Loop11 was not super easy to understand! It was so complex that I gave up trying after a few minutes. They also offer consulting, which to me seemed opportunistic and was another reason to stop reading! Their pricing is $50–200+ per user billed monthly and they also offer a 14 day free trial.

Analyse and store test results


Dovetail look like a great option for storing your test data


Handrail offers the same as Dovetail, however the user interface is pretty old school. Accordingly, it’s a lot cheaper so if you don’t have much cash and need a place to store and analyse your test results, it might be worth your while at $9–200+ monthly billing. They also have a 30 day free trial.



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