My first developer job

I share my first 2 weeks in the role and highlight lessons learnt

Let’s start with the basics: I have no prior formal experience as a web developer. I started teaching myself how to code a few months prior to joining Error and was over the moon to be selected for a role. I’m really grateful to the team for believing that I can add value to them and for having the patience to invest in a code newbie.

Taking multitasking to a whoooole new level !
Some of Error’s previous and current clients

Lessons for small companies hiring junior devs:

Hire people who have demonstrated an ability to teach themselves and be proactive. You will not have time to hand-hold, so you need colleagues who can get on with work for a day or two when you’re busy.

Lessons for junior devs starting work in small companies:

Be transparent. You have needs and if they’re not met, you won’t work efficiently. Reach out to your colleagues when you’re struggling or feel emotional. Coding can be a rollercoaster of “I don’t get this”, “I get this” which friends/family may not understand. It’s really helpful if you have a colleague to lean on.


Overall I feel like I’ve found my “dream job” working for a small company where you can wear many hats, be entrepreneurial, proactive and flexibly manage personal life as a remote worker. In the next couple of weeks I’ll have completed my first client workshop on-site. Stay tuned to hear about that!

Junior developer